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Currentbody LED Mask VS iAaBeauty LED mask

         If you’re new in a skincare world, you probably heard about the LED Face Mask. There's much research behind it, I’ve seen scientifically proven results and I think it’s worth adding to your routine. When it comes to the LED Face Mask, there are usually 2 types of materials: hardshell or flexible silicone. I personally prefer the second one, because it’s smooth and more comfortable to wear. The most popular silicone LED mask is, without a doubt, the CurrentBody LED mask, but it’s quite pricey, so I would pay your attention to a newcomer - iAabeauty LED Mask. 


Currentbody LED Mask overview     

        The CurrentBody LED is the British leading and well-known seller in the beauty technology world. The CurrentBody LED mask is made of flexible silicone, which contains 132 red LED bulbs and uses red and near-infrared lights to accelerate the production of collagen, smooth the skin and promote a better skin tone. The mask has a USB charging cord, a carry-on bag and a wire with a remote control. To start the treatment, all you need is just to press the button on the remote, the mask shuts down after 10 minutes.


The Currentbody LED Mask pros

v FDA-approved

v Silicon material

v Portable

v Can heal the blemishes

v Easy to clean

       Firstly, the combination of red and infrared lights penetrates beneath the skin’s surface better, which gives direct and long term results – 95% of users mentioned the skin became smoother immediately after using the Currentbody LED Mask. Secondly, the silicon material is soft and flexible, which makes it a more comfy mask that can fit the contours of your face quite well. Besides that, it’s also hands-on, because you can store the mask in a bag and travel with it. Overall, the LED Mask is perfect for blemishes and hyperpigmentation.


The Currentbody LED Mask cons

v FDA-approved

v Silicon material

v Portable

v Can heal the blemishes

v Easy to clean

       The Currentbody LED Mask might not be suitable for everyone, the mask has only one strap so it may slide down if you don’t fix it correctly, plus it’s quite heavy - 600g with a controller, which might be a little bit annoying. Another thing - the mask has only 2 types of light - red and infrared, which can help you with wrinkles and blemishes, but won’t heal acne. Except that, it has only one mode - if you want to prolong the time of treatment, you have to switch it on twice. What is more, it has no goggles to protect the eyes, so the light might be too bright for some customers. Last but not least, the price of  Currentbody LED Face Mask is quite expensive, which makes it unaffordable for most customers. 


The Currentbody LED Mask Reviews

      Despite its disadvantages, the Currentbody LED Mask is definitely on top of the sales and has better reviews than its competitors. On the one hand users claim “The Currentbody LED mask is one of the best investment and least effort devices you can buy for your skin”.  While others admit that you need to be consistent to see the results “I've now been using the LED face mask for four weeks and, honestly speaking, I haven't noticed any difference in the wrinkles around my forehead”. 


In total :


   9/10                    7/10                    8/10                8/10                     5/10


iAabeauty LED Face Mask overview

       iAabeauty LED Face Mask is a supreme and cheaper version of the Currentbody LED Face Mask. It has a wider variety of lights - red, infrared, blue and purple. The iAabeauty is dermatologist recommended and FDA-approved, it has 100 LEDs that penetrate deeply into your skin and can help you to solve the variety of skin issues. The mask comes with a rechargeable battery controller, 2 USB lines, head straps and a carry bag. 


iAabeauty LED Face Mask Pros:

v FDA-cleared

v 4 lights

v 2 modes

v Has mixed light

v Portable and lightweight

v The price is pleasant 

      Firstly, compared to the Currentbody LED Face Mask, it has 2 additional lights, which are blue and purple. The purple color is a combination of the red, infrared and blue lights, which according to the clinical research works better for healing acne and has an anti-aging effect. Secondly, it’s made of high quality silicone material, weighs only 216g and has 2 adjustable straps, so the mask is comfortable to wear and easy to carry. One more advantage of the iAabeauty LED Mask is that you can choose the time of the treatment, while most of the LED masks shut down automatically. Fourthly, the price is only $199.00 USD, which is cheaper than the Currentbody LED or any other masks.


iAabeauty LED Face Mask Cons: 

v A little bit big

v No goggles to protect the eyes

    The Mask seems a little bit bulky, but with the help of 2 straps  you can adjust it on the top of your head and it won’t slide down. The LED mask doesn’t have goggles, but it’s scientifically proven that the light is absolutely safe for your eyes.


iAabeauty LED Face mask’s reviews 

       Even though the iAabeauty LED Mask is a newcomer on the market, it has the same functions as others, plus the price is very pleasant, and you get 4 colors instead of 2. Some of the customers claim “I’ve been using the mask only for 8 weeks now, but i can already see a visible effect, wrinkles near the eyes have got significantly smoother”. “The complexion of my skin looks glowing and the texture is more refined and even now, as well as irritation and blemishes don’t bother me anymore”. One review showed that iAabeauty LED Mask really helps to reduce lesions “After only 3 weeks the amount of lesions has been minimized and post acne pigmentation is now less visible”.


In total :


   10/10           9/10                      9/10                        8/10                   100/10


Final Verdict - Currentbody or iAabeauty?

      Both LED Face Masks are well made and the technology is solid. However, there are some factors you need to consider to decide which mask suits you better. I would recommend the Currentbody LED Mask for those who have blemishes and want to reduce wrinkles. It has many good reviews and the customers appreciate the good service. 

      On the other hand, iAabeauty LED Mask suits not only for people who want to reduce wrinkles and blemishes, but also for those who struggle with lesions - you can solve both issues simultaneously! What is more important, for the better price you get all the advantages that Currentbody Mask has and even more.


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