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Led Neck Mask Lilac

Led Neck Mask Lilac

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Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles on neck and hands
  • Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin
  • All natural. No pain, side effects, or downtime


  • Most Dermatologist will advise you to use it no more than three times a week, once per day and for 10- 15 minutes each session in the first two week.


DO NOT use the Led Neck Mask if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Led Neck Mask Lilac - iAaBeauty

Soft Silicone Led Neck Mask

We use soft, silicone light-emitting diode (LED) mask for your chest and neck that uses four forms of light that’s proven to fight wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing.

Led Neck Mask Lilac - iAaBeauty

Four Therapy Light to make your neck younger

There are a lot of light therapy devices on the market. But most only use red light to treat your skin, you will see some anti-aging benefit from red light alone, but when the led neck mask combines with blue, yellow, and mixed therapy light, it can also help you eliminate acne sores & repair skin, decompose pigment & solve skin redness

Technical specifications

Led type

Red, Near-Infrared, Blue, Mixed Therapy Light

  • 620nm red light
  • 490nm blue light
  • 850nm Near Infrared light
  • Mixed light is when the three therapy light work at same time
Number of leds
  • Total 100 LEDs

216.4g (mask & controller)

Targeted use


Battery Capacity


  • 1 years: device
  • 1 year: controller
  • Flexible silicone Face device
  • Rechargeable battery controller
  • Power supply and plug adaptors
  • USB-C line to USB-A connector
  • Head straps
  • Carry bag
Led Neck Mask Lilac - iAaBeauty

How to Use the Led Neck Mask?

Step 1: Clean your check and neck.

Step 2: Fix the led neck mask using the straps.

Step 3: Turn it on and set the automatic mode, the led neck mask will automatically timing, red therapy light 5 minutes, blue therapy light 3 minutes, yellow therapy light for 4 minutes, and mixed light for 3 minutes, then turn off.

Step 4: When finished, apply your favourite serums and moisturisers on your neck.

Trusted And Used By Dermatologists Worldwide

iAatherapy is recognized as the world leader in medical-grade LED light therapy devices. For the first time, there are now home-use devices based on iaatherapy proven, professional-grade technology.

FAQ of Led Neck Mask

What's the Functions of Different Colors of Led Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy: Improves blood circulation, diminishes pigmentation and helps to stimulate collagen growth to repair damaged and old tissue as well as tightening the skin. 

Blue Light Therapy: Improves oil secretion, balances oil, and effectively sterilizes the skin. 

Yellow Light Therapy: Relieves dry skin, enhances elasticity and delays aging, helps to promote lymphatic drainage. 

Mixed Light: Gathers a variety of lights, sterilizes, diminishes inflammation and delays aging. It's suitable for all kinds of skin

How to Operate the Led Neck Mask?

The Led neck mask is with intelligent design, it's divided into manual and automatic mode. 

Manual mode: You can set the therapy light according to your requirement, the mask will automatically begin timing and shut down after 10 minutes. 

Automatic mode: After you turned on the led neck mask, and switch to "A" mode, the mask will automatically begins timing, red light therapy for 5 minutes, blue light therapy for 3 minutes, yellow light therapy for 4 minutes and mixed light therapy for 3 minutes, then the led neck mask will automatically shut down. 

How Often to Use Led Neck Mask?

If you use the mask in "M" mode, it should be controlled within 15 minutes. As too long  led face mask therapy will lead to skin damage. 

While, If you choose the "A" mode, you just need turn on the led neck mask, it will turn off after the therapy is finished. 

We suggest the led neck mask therapy as below:

First week: Use once every 3 days, 10 minutes at a time 

Second week: Use once every 2 days, 10 minutes at a time 

Third week: Use once every 2 days, 10-15 minutes at a time 

Fourth Week: Use once every day, 10-15 minutes at a time. 

How to Use Led Neck Mask at Home?

  1. Fix your led neck mask with bandages. 
  2. Clean and thoroughly dry your neck and hands. 
  3. Adjust the elastic strap on the led neck mask to ensure the led neck mask fits comfortably. 
  4. Sit or live down and place the led neck mask over your neck. 
  5. Use the remote controller to select light color, brightness, flickering or steady light and treatment time. 
  6. Apply your preferred skincare serums or creams after treatment as absorption is enhanced following light therapy. 

Continue with your skin care routine. 15 minutes for each treatment with 3-4 treatment a week, reduce to 1-2 treatment a week once the results shown. 

What's the Warranty of the Led Neck Mask Lilac?

Thank you for choosing the Silicone Led Neck Mask. From the date of purchase, you can enjoy 1 year warranty service. During the warranty period, the product will be repaired free of charge due to technical defects. Failures caused by incorrect use, self-repair, improper transportation, etc. are not covered by.

Shipping and Return


After you ordered, the Led neck mask Lilac, we will ship out the parcel about 2 workdays free by DHL, the parcel will arrive about 10 workdays. 


We supply 30 days money back warranty, if you don't like the led neck mask within 30 days since you receive the parcel, we accept return, but you should make sure the package, led neck mask, accessories are in brand new conditions, and pay for the express charge of return, after we receive the parcel, we will refund you 100%. 

Safety Instructions

The included USB cable can only be used to connect the mask and can't be used for other purpose. Connect the USB cable to your easily accessible plug so that you can quickly disconnect it from the power source if something goes wrong. 

If the mask is damaged, do not continue to use it. Connect customer service for replacement or repair as soon as possible to avoid risk. The merchant is exempt from liability and warranty service if the user repairs, disassembles, improperly connects or improperly operates this product. 

Do not use the mask during charging 

The mask and USB cable are not waterproof, keep them away from water or other liquids 

Don't touch the mask, USB cable and your USB adapter with wet hands during charging

If you feel any discomfort or any adverse reactions during use, stop using it immediately