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How to Choose the Best LED Face Mask?

Mix beauty with innovation, and you will find the treasure trove that most skincare enthusiasts are currently raving about – an LED face mask!

Long gone are the days of simple scrubbing, cleansing, and moisturizing. Sure, they help you attain a youthful complexion, but you can now go a notch higher and experience a refined beauty experience with the trendy LED light therapy.

While the existence of light emitting diodes (LED) is not novel, its usage as a therapeutic led to enhance the glow of your skin is indeed recent. In fact, with more and more celebrities jumping on the bandwagon of LED face mask therapy, it has gained immense popularity.

So, if you are one of the curious ones desiring to use this facial device, it’s time to walk through all the essential details.

Read along as we elaborate on the four essential factors you must consider when choosing the right LED Face Mask!

Specs to Consider Before Choosing an LED Face Mask

Choosing the right LED face mask can seem both confusing and daunting. After all, there is such a wide variety of options in the market – all with similar designs, varying functionalities, materials, and prices. So, how do you pick the right one for your skin?

1. Wavelength

LED facial devices can be grouped into 5 categories based on the wavelengths of light they emit. These varying wavelengths of light are essentially the originating point of energy that helps speed up skin tissue renewal.

You can pick one out of the following 5 LED light therapies:

  • Red LED light therapy
  • Blue LED light therapy
  • Yellow LED light therapy
  • Green LED light therapy
  • Infrared light therapy

Each color or spectrum of LED therapy light delivers a different biological impact, depending on how the light penetrates your skin. Moreover, each wavelength will correspond to a particular target on your skin.

You can always choose one or combine different light color settings for your LED therapy treatment.

Let’s look into each LED light therapy in detail:

Red LED Light Therapy

Red LED light is also known as infra-red light, which essentially works upon the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. The light end of the spectrum eases the redness and enhances circulation. The darker shade of red focuses on cell regeneration.

When the epidermis absorbs the red light, it works on the fibroblasts and improves the production of elastin and collagen. These proteins help make your skin look more plump and full.

If you are looking to reverse or slow down the signs of aging or suffer from inflammation, the red LED light therapy can help with it. This extraordinary light therapy can also offer excellent hair growth solutions if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia!

Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue LED light therapy is bestowed with antibacterial properties, which helps kill the bacteria that sits under your skin and causes acne breakout.

The light is targeted to sebaceous glands, thus helping purify the skin, control excessive oil production, and lessen acne lesions. This wavelength benefits people who suffer from zits, pimples, eczema, and psoriasis.

Yellow LED Light Therapy

Yellow LED light has the power to deeply infiltrate your skin and works beautifully to combat the signs of aging. From wrinkles to fine lines – it deals with all while eradicating any redness and improving the circulation under your skin.

Infrared Light Therapy

Also known as white LED light therapy, this one has the longest wavelength. With its strong skin penetration, this light makes your skin look shiny and ensures it stays healthy.

Additionally, it can fix acne scars, clear any dark spots, tighten the skin, mitigate inflammation, and soothe sunburns.

2. Material

Deciding on the specific material of the LED face mask is of utmost essence. The best-LED face mask should be comfortable against your skin while effectively covering every contour of your face.

Well, amongst all the materials available in the market – silicone, plastic, and polycarbonate – one of them is a clear winner!

Choose silicone for it is flexible, comfortable, and soft. Moreover, it effortlessly wraps around your face allowing the light to effectively reach every inch of your skin. It’s great for achieving a firmer, brighter skin complexion.

On the other hand, a plastic LED face mask will leave a bit of space between itself and your skin. It will help your skin breathe, but there is little assurance that the LED light reaches every part of your skin.

3. Design

If you have never tried LED light therapy, the idea of LED light sweeping across your face may induce some anxiety. But it’s completely safe!

If you pick the properly designed mask, it will only make you feel more comfortable and secure. Well, talking of security, you cannot overlook the beautiful eyes protection kit design that the iAa Therapy Luxe offers. You wouldn’t require any goggles to protect your eyes.

Moreover, the iAa Therapy Luxe always runs on a lithium battery. Thus it’s rechargeable, and you do not have to sit in one fixed spot throughout the therapy either. You can move around with complete ease, thanks to no extra wiring!

4. Pricing

You shouldn’t have to exceed your budget when picking an LED face mask. Let’s look at some of the top-notch LED light face masks in the market and help you decide:

Omniluxled led face mask

Omnilux Contour Face: Red and near infra-red light with 633nm and 830 nm wavelengths, respectively. Come with 66 LED bulbs.  $395

CurrentBody Skin LED Mask: Combination of near-infra-red (830nm) and red (633nm) light. Works to offer anti-aging results.



The Light Salon: Both near-infra-red and Red LED light of 830 nm and 633 nm wavelengths, respectively. Suitable for all skins and enhances the skin tone. $495

Led face mask

iAaBeauty Luxe: Made of food-grade silicone, comes with rechargeable batteries and a safe eyes protection kit design. Combines both red and near-infra-red LED light therapy. $199

Well, the iAa Therapy Luxe is a winner with its excellent quality and flexible silicone covering every inch of your face. The red and near-infrared lights will work their magic on every skin pore while you enjoy the treatment session with no goggles and easy movement!

A big bonus: it’s so affordable. Both your skin and your wallet will thank you!

Wrapping Up

LED light therapy can genuinely revolutionize your skincare routine. This device is like magic – helping accelerate the growth of collagen production, easing away all acne breakouts, and reversing signs of aging!

You could go for both in-office procedures at a dermatologist or get a device for the home. The former will be handled by a professional, but the latter option will give you the comfort of using it at your convenience!

Before you pick out the right LED face mask for yourself, consider all the relevant factors, and allow your face to enjoy all the pampering it deserves!

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