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Omnilux led mask review VS iAabeauty LED Face Mask

To restore the youth many people are ready to make any sacrifice. Many consumers who are into skincare trends go to great lengths to reduce the signs of aging— injections, plastic surgery, massages and laser treatment. And while some of the methods do show promising anti-aging effects, nothing can reverse time. Therefore, effective products like Omnilux Contour Face Mask and iAabeauty LED Face Maskcan help to reduce skin wear and tear. 

Omnilux Contour Face Mask

Omnilux led mask review is the first one in many top lists, first of all, because it has many good reviews from users. Currently, there’re over 40 peer-reviewed studies that prove the Contour Face’s efficiency. Using red 630nm and near infrared 830nm lights, the mask is proven to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and redness. 10 min treatment is enough to achieve glowy and healthy skin.

Omnilux Contour Face’s Pros

Ø 132 medical-grade LEDs

Ø Portable

Ø Made from silicone

Ø Easy to clean

The Omnilux has over 132 medical-grade LEDs, it’s comfortable to use because the material is flexible and the mask is lightweight. Except that it’s powered by a rechargeable battery controller. 

Omnilux Contour Face’s Cons

Ø Only 2 lights

Ø Too long straps 

Ø Only one treatment mode

Ø The light is very bright

Ø Super expensive 

Their Led face mask has only 2 lights - red and infrared, which may not suit people struggling with acne. The remote control attached to the mask that some customers find a little bit annoying,. plus adjustable straps might be a little bit hard to put on your hand. According to some reviews Omnilux Contour Face has a very bright light, so it means if you have very sensitive eyes, you can’t wear it while working or doing some other chores. Except that, It automatically shuts down in 10 min., which is a plus, but it might be a problem if you want to use it for a longer time, and it’s quite expensive.

Omnilux Face Mask Reviews

The most popular review that is shown in the internet, is that the Omnilux is easy to use and comfy, most customers claim It’s lightweight and licks the face, making it quite comfortable. Because it has one button and one setting you don’t need to guess how it works” and “You can do a lot of regular tasks while wearing it”. However, there’re some comments that say the Omnilux silicone is kind of thick and it tends to not curve, plus it is flat, so it may slide off your face.

But what about the effects? Does the contour Face mask brighten the skin and fine the wrinkles? As claimed by customers reviews, it does, but not as fast as you may expect. After several usage customers claim that their skin looks less puffy, much smoother and softer, but if you want to get rid of wrinkles you may need to be consistent for several months or even a year. So if you hope for an overnight miracle, you might get disappointed.

iAabeauty LED Face Mask

iAabeauty LED Face Mask is a superior and cheaper version of the Omnilux Face Mask. It has a variety of lights, which are red, infrared, blue and purple. With the help of 850 nm wavelength infrared light it is the best way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

iAabeauty LED Face Mask Pros:

Ø FDA-cleared

Ø 4 lights

Ø 2 modes

Ø Has mixed light

Ø Portable and lightweight

Ø The price is much affordable 

iAabeauty is FDA-cleared, has clinically proven results and dermatologists approved. Compared to the Omnilux Contour Face, it has 4 lights: red, infrared, blue and purple. The purple light is actually a combination of the 3 lights, which according to the clinical research is perfect for rejuvenation and healing mild and moderate acne. Additionally, it’s made of good quality silicone, very light (216g) and has 2 adjustable straps, that in total makes it portable and very easy to use. You can also choose between automatic and manual modes, automatic mode takes only 10 minutes and manual mode you can switch off when you want. Except that, the price is very pleasant!

iAabeauty LED Face Mask Cons: 

Ø A little bit big

Might be a little too big for a small head,  but after you fix the straps it will not slide down. 

iAabeauty LED Face mask’s review 

Even though iAabeauty is a newcomer on the market, it has already proved that only after 10-15 minutes treatment per day, your skin can change visibly only after a couple of months.  According to the reviews from our official website “Definitely, the iAabeauty has a positive and visible effect. You don’t seem to be doing much, you put a mask on for a certain time, and it changes your skin! After several applications I noted that the skin became more elastic and smooth, the tone brightened and became less pail. As a bonus, visible lesions have been minimized”. In total, With iAabeauty mask, you can do things at home that no moisturizer does on its own. Besides the good effects, it’s comfy to wear because of the very soft silicone material, and it doesn’t slide down while walking. Again, compared to the Omnilux, the light is unharmful for your eyes, you can still see everything clearly and do some other chores. 

Which one to choose - Onmilux or iAabeauty?

The Omnilux Face Mask because of the great reviews and before and after results, but it’s too expensive for the mask with only 2 lights, that may have anti-aging effects, but will not solve the acne problems. Except that, all good reviews about the Omnilux come from people who have used it at least 6-18 months, so you have to be very consistent to see the visible results, if you plan to spend a bunch of money on The Omnilux.

At the same time, If you’re scolded with moderate acne and deep wrinkles, the iAabeauty led face mask is the better alternative for you. The mask is more affordable (only $199.00), also has a worldwide shipping, FDA-approved, which means it’s safe to use and has 4 lights that are able to treat many skin issues.Not mention, it has very good reviews and you can see the effects only after 2 months.

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