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The Best Red Light Face Masks on the market

        The older we get the harder it is to ensure that your skin will stay young and healthy throughout your life, if you only use moisturizer and some other skincare products. It doesn’t mean that you have to sell your soul for beautiful and shiny skin or spend an unreasonable amount of money on that. Instead of that, you can just implement new skincare devices like Red Light Face Mask into your daily routine to reach a new level.

How does Red Light Face Mask work?

Red Light Face Mask use Red Light to treat various skin disorders, such as pain, wrinkles, acne, fine lines, scars, pigmentation, redness, etc. The Face Mask use specific wavelengths of red light, which usually varies from 630-670 nm and near-infrared light which has a longer wavelength - (830 nm) to stimulate various vital functions in cells and tissues.  Julie Russak, a certified dermatologist from New York says “Studies suggest that 630 nm red and near-infrared lights mask can stimulate collagen and elastin’s production in fibroblasts, which therefore will increase the production of ATP in mitochondria, so it can fine lines and wrinkles through tissue regeneration.”

The interest in red light therapy started from NASA's experiments. The scientists used red light to help astronauts heal the traumas and stimulate plant growth in the cosmos. The Red Light investigations proved that it can be used in medicine as well and now it’s widely used for improving skin problems like wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, pain, and even skin cancer. 

Speaking about Red Light Face Mask's safety, it has no damage when used for short-term treatments. “It is non-ablative and non-invasive, but improper usage or overexploitation may lead to eye damage,” explains Dr. Jullie Russak.  

The Red Light Face Mask buying guide 

Power: The more powerful the Red Light Face Mask is, the longer wavelength it has. So it will be more effective at energizing the skin cells. It has nothing to do with Mask’s wattage, which usually means how much energy is being consumed by the LED device.

Fit: Since you need to wear a Red Light Face Mask on your face for a quite long amount of time, the mask should be comfortable. The best red light therapy masks are made of silicone which is more flexible and easy to wear, usually, it has adjustable straps. Except that, it shouldn't be heavy or bulky, so you can wear it while working or doing some other chores.

Lights: The masks with both red and infrared lights are the best options, especially if the mask has a combination of these two lights. 

FDA-approval: If you indeed take care of your skin, an FDA-approved mask are a must-have. It has peer review and clinical data that prove its safety and effectiveness.

How long does it take to see results from a Red Light Face Mask?

The Red Light Face Mask is non-ablative, non-invasive, and safe to use, but to reach better results you may require conscientiousness. The Red Light is commonly used for concerns like rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles. According to experts, your skin will become more smooth and shiny just after a couple of weeks, but if you want to get rid of deep eye wrinkles or pigmentation, you have to use a Red Light Face Mask at least 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes for a minimum of 8 weeks to see the effects.

The Best Red Light Face Masks 

    HigherDose Red Light Face Mask






The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask is a light therapy mask that uses red and near-infrared combination technologies to change your skin. It has an advanced design – caring about your busy lifestyle. 

What I liked: Quite comfortable to wear because of the three adjustable straps, that you can fasten in the back and over the top of your head. There are 2 modes of treatments - 10 minutes and 20 minutes. Plus the mask shuts down automatically.

What I didn’t like: The material is smooth, but a little bit intense. The eye slits of the mask are too small and the cord that you need to hold while the treatment is a little bit annoying. Some customers also mentioned that it can cause a purging process, so you may have a couple of pimples - won’t suit people who are struggling with acne. Definitely, the price is quite high!

   iAaBeauty Red Light Face Mask for Skin Rejuvenation

   $199.00 USD





iAabeauty Red Light Face Mask - is an affordable LED Red Light mask, that has not only red light and infrared but also has blue and purple lights (the purple light is a combination of all 3 modes). With the help of 850 nm wavelength infrared light, it is the best solution for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

What I liked: The face mask is FDA-approved and recommended by dermatologists. Compared to the previous HigherDose Red Light, it combines 3 lights, not only 2. Other than that, it’s also made of silicone, which weighs only 216g. There are 2 modes - a 10-minute mode, which shuts down automatically, and a manual mode where you can shut the mask down when you need to. Additionally, the price is very affordable!

What I didn’t like: it has a cord that you have to hold during the treatment, but it makes the mask portable.


    Unicskin UnicLED Korean Mask






UNICLED KOREAN MASK is a face mask merged with LED lights that can help you heal a variety of skin problems. It has not only red light but also white, purple, blue, and so on. 

What I liked: Dermatologist tested. Definitely, it’s the variety of colors. The combination of red and blue light - purple light combines the benefits of both. 

What I didn't like: The price is very high, even though the mask has 7 lights. Users admit that the mask is made of plastic material, which isn’t flexible and heavy. It has only one adjustable strap and it needs to be plugged in during the treatment, so it’s not portable and not comfy to wear. It’s also very expensive and needs a 30-minute treatment. Besides that, green, white, and red light actually have similar effects and wavelengths. 


    MZ Skin LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0





MZ Skin LightMAX is the next level of luxury skincare devices, the Mask 2.0 is a flexible, portable mask that uses different light-emitting diodes (LED) to immerse the skin in light. The Red Light Face Mask has 2 combinations of modes - red and infrared lights, which can promote total skin rejuvenation, and red and blue lights mode, which can help you to heal acne.

What I liked: the face mask is made from a soft material and warm upon application, and the straps are extremely comfortable. You can move freely without needing a power source. There is no need for an ocular light block because the red light is not so strong. The red light reaches the area around the eyes and mouth despite the cutouts. 

What I didn't like: even though it has a combination of red and infrared lights, you can’t use red light separately. As long as you can use the mask for only 10 minutes, you will need to wait for quite a long time to see the results, especially for deep wrinkles. It only has one regime - the face mask automatically shuts down. The price is way too high compared with other red light masks.


The Red Light Face Mask is a good investment for your daily skincare routine, depending on what results you want to reach the mask should have 4 requirements: the power, the light, price and safety. The phrase the more expensive the better is not appropriate, i would definitely recommend taking a look at iAabeauty Red Light Face Mask, which also has red and infrared, made of soft silicone, but at the same time costs way much less compared to its competitors.

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