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Top 10 Led Face Mask on The Market - iAaBeauty

The LED face mask looks like a skincare device, that is too good to be real, but there's much research and customers’ reviews that prove otherwise. Even though in-clinic LED therapy delivers more powerful strengths of light, at-home devices provide constant improvements and sustenance. Some of the LED masks you can buy online or in a specialized shops genuinely give good effects and can help you to rejuvenate the skin, treat acne and even smooth wrinkles.

Is LED face mask effective?

LED face mask have numerous benefits for the skin, because of its unique abilities and there's much research that can approve this claim. The different components of skin cells absorb LED light, which then changes the cell's function. Light stimulates cells to produce more collagen and elastin, simultaneously, it can also impede cells, which helps to reduce the appearance of scars. Red and infrared colours penetrate deeper into the skin, because it has a longer wavelength, therefore, the light can reach a molecular level. Blue light works on the surface of the skin and kills the acne-causing bacteria. 

Nowadays you can receive an LED therapy treatment in a clinic or at-home, but some people doubt that at-home LED face masks are less effective than those dermatologists use in clinics. In fact, at-home devices might not have the same powers like salon machines, but at-home LED face mask has all the same benefits. You may just need to spend more time and use it regularly to achieve the same results as one treatment in a salon. 

Is LED face mask safe?

It’s scientifically proven that LED face mask is absolutely safe, because they’re non-invasive and non-ablative. As long as you follow the instructions and use them for the recommended amounts of time only.

Especially, at-home LED Face mask - they’re much weaker then those devices used in a salon and don’t have enough energy to burn your skin. In fact, at-home used devices undergo more diligent testing, so they can be safe enough to use without a professional’s present.

The only concern is what effect masks may have on your eyes, so don’t forget to shield your eyes from the light, if it’s mentioned in the instructions. 

To guarantee your safety, don’t buy an LED face mask that is not FDA improved, and if you have severe acne or special conditions like rosacea, run things by your dermatologist before using one.

How to choose an LED face mask?

Before buying an LED face mask, you have to consider a few things:

Brand: Find masks from brands or producers that have a good reputation on the market. These are safer and more trustable, because masks went through safety and efficacy testing.

Testing: Look for relevant research on the mask's efficacy and safety, it’s especially important if you have problems like eczema or rosacea.

FDA-Approval: It’s better to look for FDA-approved masks, because they provide peer review and clinical data.

Light Color: Before making a purchase, make sure you know what colour will suit your skin type and will help you to solve the skin problems. Usually, red and infrared lights are used for aging skin, while blue light can help you to treat acne.

Wavelength: The number of lights  and its quality can tell you a lot about the efficiency of the mask. The blue light includes 415-490nm, red light 630-670 nm and infrared 810-850 nm.

Treatment mode: There are 2 modes manual and automatical, the second is more preferable, because the mask shuts down after the treatment is over. However, if you want to prolong the time of treatment, having both modes would be the best option.

Comfort: If you want an LED mask to become a part of your daily routine, then make sure it's comfortable and easily operated. You will have a better impression of using the mask, if you contemplate these points. 

Top 10 recommended LED face masks

Omnilux Contour Face         $395.00  Omnilux

     Omnilux Contour Face       





The mask is on the top of an experts list, and has more than 40 peer-reviewed published studies that prove its efficiency. Using red and near infrared lights, the mask is proven to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and redness. 10 min treatment is enough to achieve glowy and healthy skin.

Pros: the mask has over 132 medical-grade LEDs, it’s comfortable to use because the material is flexible and it’s powered by a rechargeable battery controller.

Cons: the device has only 2 lights - red and infrared, which may not suit people struggling with acne. The remote control attached to the mask that some customers find a little bit annoying. It automatically shuts down in 10 min., which might be a problem if you want to use it for a longer time, and it’s quite expensive.


    DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro


    Dr Dennis Gross skincare



Dermatologist Sherwin Parikh, MD, co-founder of skincare brand A.P.Chem, applauded this mask. It’s said to improve sun spots, age spots, and pigmentation, help with mild to moderate acne and prevent future breakouts.

Pros: users comment that it’s very sleek and easy to use, because it takes only 3 min. Another bonus - it’s cordless, and you need to recharge the battery after every 10 treatments.

Cons: It’s made of non-flexible plastic, that is not convenient to wear for some people. It doesn’t have manual mode, and you also need to use it at least 3-6 months before seeing visible results, because one treatment lasts only 3 min., and it’s very pricey.

    CurrentBody Skin LED Light         Therapy Face Mask


    CurrentBody Skin



The best LED face mask for brightening, it incorporates both red and near infrared light, this therapy tool is proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 35 per cent in just four weeks. This one was used by celebs like Suki Waterhouse and Halle Berry. it's actually the device that model and actress Suki Waterhouse praised in her Instagram “ when people ask me what I think are the main components for healthy skin, I always mention this mask.”

Pros: it combines red and infrared light to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface, which gives instant and long term results – 95% of users reported smoother skin immediately after the session. 

Cons: it has only 2 lights, that is not enough for solving all skin problems, especially acne. Some users mention it’s not comfy to wear if you want to walk around during the treatment, and the light is too bright - may hurt the eyes. Again the price goes out of budget.

   Boost LED Face mask






According to the good reviews, this mask is great for rosacea! It’s simple and easy to use. It's cordless and has adjustable straps. You can use it for 10 minutes every day and you will see noticeable improvements just after a month. 

Pros: This LED face mask is transportable, which is perfect for taking on a trip. It utters red and near-infrared lights to fight a bunch of the skin concerns. It’s made from balmy and flexible silicone, which makes it well-to-do. The mask goes with several global adaptors, so it can be used anywhere.

Cons: It again has only 2 lights - red and infrared. It also doesn’t have automatical mode, which is problem if you accidently sleep in it. The price is also very high!

 iAaBeauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

   $199.00 USD




iAabeauty is one of the most affordable LED face mask on our top. It has different lights, which are red, infrared, blue and purple (the combination of all 3 modes). With the help of 850 nm wavelength infrared light it is the best solution for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Pros: FDA-cleared, has clinically proven results and dermatologists approved. Compared to all masks in the top, it’s the only one that has 3 lights combined, which according to the clinical research is perfect for healing mild and moderate acne. Additionally, it’s made of silicone, very light (216g) and has 2 adjustable straps, that in total makes it portable and very easy to use. You can also choose between automatic and manual modes, which all other mask don’t have. Except that, the price is very pleasant!

Cons: might be a little too big for a small head, but if you fix straps it will be okay. 







The most expensive option in the list, this LED mask has four treatment modes (which use red, green, blue, and near-infrared light therapy) to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and scars. 

Pros: it goes with an attachment for the neck and with the help of different lights can help you to solve several issues. What is more important, it’s FDA-cleared, so you don’t need to worry about its safety. 

Cons: it has to be plugged into to use, which makes it unportable, not mentioning that it’s made of plastic and quite heavy, so you can only lie down while using it. The price! Even though good reviews persuade us that it is worth every penny, but it is still unaffordable for most of the customers.



   MZ SKIN by dr. Maryam Zamanyi



The LED face mask has a large amount of lights, which are red(collagen-boosting, anti-inflammatory), blue(anti-acne), white(regenerating and calming),green(to reduce pigmentation) and yellow (the combination of red and blue). Dr. Maryam Zamani, the creator of the mask, believes that “a beautiful facial appearance starts with a consistent, day-to-day skincare routine - less is more”.

Pros: Dermatologist tested. Definitely, it’s the variety of colours.

Cons: Too expensive even though it has many lights. Users admit that the mask is heavy and large, with only one adjustable strap and it should be plugged in while using, so it’s not portable and not comfy to wear. It’s also very expensive, and doesn’t have an automatical mode. Besides that, green, white and red colors are actually have similar effects and wavelength.

    Aduro | Facial Mask






The multiply mask, that literally has all colors of the rainbow and offers 11 possible treatments. The brand promises that it will solve all your skin problems, like wrinkles, acne, dark spots, redness and even insomnia.

Pros: It’s FDA-cleared and has been tested by some dermatologists, has 7 colors of lights which you can mix together or use separately. Customers mention that it’s flexible and lightweight.

Cons: Takes 20 minutes, which is longer than some other LED masks and it only has automatical mode. The mask also has only one strap, so it might fall down if you walk wearing it. Even though it provides 11 types of treatment, the wavelength of every color is no more than 700 nm.

   Smart & Portable Light Therapy Mask







Derma Mask is an LED therapy mask designed and made in the US. It combines seven different colour treatments, including red, blue, green, amber, purple, cyan and white. Each color has different effects on the skin.

Pros: USDA-certified and FDA-approved, has a 30-day guarantee. it’s also portable, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and contains built-in eye protection.

Cons: Even though it has many colors, some of them has similar effects, so the more doesn’t always mean the better. The mask is made of plastic and eye protection is very dark, so it’s not conveniet to wear while walking or doing other chores. It’s also on the expensive side, however, users claim that it’s definitely a splurge item that you buy to treat yourself. 


    Light Therapy LED Mask 7 in 1






The chepest LED mask in our top, that has all the same functions, but for a more affordable prise. Still, you get 7 different light modes, including red, blue, yellow, and green.

Pros: The price! Comparing to other masks, it’s made from plastic and transperent, which makes it more comfortable. Except that, it automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of use.

Cons: the lights are not so strong comparing to previous masks, so you may need more time to see the good results, but let’s be honest you get what you pay for. Some users also felt the mask sat too far away from their chin, and others mentioned that they got marks on their nose after using it. It also doesn’t have a manual mode and shuts down after the treatment is over, sometimes even during the procedure.


From all this top above, I would definitely recommend CurrentBody, because of the great reviews and before and after results, but it only has 2 lights and isn’t helpful for acne treating and much expensive. If you’re struggling with acne and deep wrinkles, iAabeauty Led face mask is the best option for you, it’s affordable (only $199.00), FDA-approved and has 4 lights that can treat many skin issues, plus it’s made of silicone and lightweight.

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